This Facebook Group Is Dedicated To Pics Of Disapproving Corgis And Here Are Some Of The Funniest Ones

They have been a popular breed for a long time, not only because of their sweet personalities but also because they are so overwhelmingly cute.

With their fluffy butts, beautiful fur and friendly faces, its no wonder that there are not many people who can resist their charm.

Corgis are so cute that they’re even adorable when they’re sulking. In fact, they might even be more adorable when they’re displeased.

At least, that’s what a lot of people seem to think; there’s an entire Facebook group dedicated to funny pictures of disgruntled corgis.

The page is called “Disapproving Corgis” and there, people share their own picture’s of their cranky-looking pups and enjoy watching other peoples sweet little grumps. It’s just as cute and funny as it sounds.

Below, we’ve selected the 11 pictures that made us smile and laugh the most. Enjoy!
(h/t: boredpanda)

1. Not a fan of valentines day

2. When you’re just trying to take a bath and relax & you glance over and see this…

3. Don’t stop petting him or be prepared to be side-eyed…

4.Time for a nice walk! Olive disapproves of walk, instant sploot and pretends to be asleep…

5. Liberty enjoys being carried, but Pluto is glaring for two.

6. She does not approve of her new bed.

7. When your Mom is on her third glass of wine trying to force you to take selfies with her.

8. Nash is always disapproving of his baby brother, Duke.

9. Lego is beyond disapproval….

10. Kirbs disapproves of wearing his birthday hat

10. Throwback to Kenny before Christmas

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