The Most Touching Goodbye Story Ever Between A Loyal Stray Dog And His Teacher

For many of us, dogs are the most loving pets. This includes stray dogs, who live in harsh conditions and don’t fully understand what love is. As in the story of Buboy meeting his friend, there’s no doubt that it’s very painful to realize afterwards that the last time we saw someone we visited recently was the last time.

For him, his friend was a very special person. Professor Carmelito Marcelo from Mabalacat City College in Pampanga, Philippines, took care of Buboy the dog for four years. He showed him attentiveness, gave him food every day and they became close friends.

He often gives him food and spend time with Buboy. Although he was unable to adopt Buboy, the two were good friends at school. Buboy is always looking for his friend and is with him every day. The teacher, Carmelito Marcelo, is always interested in Buboy and loves him.

Professor Carmelito Marcelo, 58, died after a stroke on May 18, leaving everyone, including his furry friend Buboy, in shock. For the last two weeks, the faithful puppy had been coming to school every morning to greet his teacher. Concerned by Buboy’s behavior, Carmelito’s students decided to take the dog to the church where the teacher’s body was laid to rest.

Buboy lean over Marcelo’s coffin to pay his last respects. The student, Mark Christian Arceo, catched the moment on video with his camera and posted it on social media with the caption:

“A dog is the only thing in the world that loves you more than it loves itself” – Josh Billings.

Mark added the following: ,,It’s very hard to see the dog waiting for his friend. He has no idea that his special friend is gone. Everyone did everything they could to help Buboy.” Mabalacat City College staff said they plan to help Buboy find a new home.

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