‘The Jetsons’ way of life may finally become reality with launch of personal aviation device

Were you a Jetson’s fan when you were a kid? I know I sure was. If you were, too, then man oh man do we have a goody in store for you.

We may finally be able to travel like the Jetsons.

Have you always wondered how it would feel like to go flying around in your aircraft? It seemed like it was all child-play and imagination back then.

But with the recent advancement of technology, those childhood dreams are now just a breath away.

Dreams are the stuff reality is made of.

We’re now seeing electric and self-driving cars, things that we thought we’d never see in our lifetime.

This makes us expect more from all these technological advancements, and we’re probably asking, ‘So, what’s next?’ Well, here is the answer:

Introducing Jetson ONE.

Jetson ONE is an electric-powered personal aircraft mainly made of aluminum and carbon fiber. It was founded in 2017 by Tomasz Patan and Peter Ternström to “make everyone a pilot.”

Indeed, this innovation makes it safe and easy for a person to fly.

The Swedish company “Jetson” wanted to change the way we travel. And what better way to travel than to go up in the skies?

When they said, “sky’s the limit,” they made travel limitless with this new electric aerial vehicle.

Jetson ONE’s proof of concept finished spring of 2018.

From there, they worked on making the aircraft more available and accessible to the public. They tested on safe and sturdy materials, and its safety features are top-notch.

It was created to make someone feel safe, even if flying it feels so novel.

Here are the top safety features of Jetson ONE listed on their website:

  • Its spaceframe cell design is inspired by race cars making it safe and secure to position in.
  • It has hands-free hover and emergency functions, with a triple-redundant flight computer.
  • It has four motors which allow you to still fly safely even if one of them loses control.
  • It has lidar sensors to track the terrain and upcoming obstacles so you can avoid them.
  • It is equipped with a ballistic parachute that deploys fast to ensure safety in case of emergency.

The Jetson ONE will give you a run for your money.

It costs $92,000 and is delivered to your home semi-assembled. This leaves you some room for fun to assemble the rest of the aircraft.

The package comes with everything you need to set it up and detailed instructions to build the perfect aircraft.

To date, all units and slots are reserved.

That’s how hot this item is.

The next available slots for reservation are still for 2023. It seems like many people are looking forward to having their very own aircraft right in their garage.

Most people were amazed by this invention, while others voiced their concerns.

The company hasn’t revealed how long its battery lasts, though they replied on a Facebook page that it could run more or less 30 kilometers with a full battery.

Others are skeptical whether they are allowed to fly it in their area. For most of the published videos, they flew Jetson ONE in vacant spaces in Poland.

Nonetheless, there’s so much to look forward to in aviation technology with the arrival of Jetson ONE.

Check out its beautiful launch in the video below!

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