Teen girl puts boy’s bag on his desk. Boy opens it and quickly puts his head down

If you look long and hard enough, you might be able to find a method to brighten someone’s day.
Sadly, we frequently have our own lives to attend to before we can truly comprehend what others are going through. A little South Carolina girl named Sofi Cruz recently got the opportunity to assist someone, and she made the most of it.

The young person described a conversation she had with her close buddy Jaheim in which he stated something intriguing on Facebook.
Even if the comment itself wasn’t particularly noteworthy, Sofi couldn’t stop thinking about it for a few days. For the previous week and a half, she had been preparing something special for a close friend. Jahiem is his name.

Since we were in the same third-grade class with Mrs. Dragotta, I’ve known Jahiem.

He has consistently been the kind of pupil who completes their assignments on time, shows up to class each day, assists the teacher, and is polite to everyone.

Jahiem enquired, “Can someone get me a pair of shoes?” last week. However, he didn’t want to appear to be in difficulty. I wear sizes 10 to 11, and I don’t like them.

The teen said, “I’ve always wanted to give him something, but I’ve never had the money or the courage to do it.”

But this time, with the aid of her family and her new employment, Sofi was able to pull off her surprise.

The following day, I got him a pair of shoes because I’ve been saving money and putting a lot of effort into my profession. My granddad also gave me assistance.

In the following video, Sofi is seen giving Jahiem his gift. It has been featured on news websites around the nation and shared hundreds of times on social media.

In the video, Sofi approaches her pal who is concealed behind a backpack.

Jahiem is someone that Sofi has known for a very long time and considers to be a close friend. She explains to him that she picked him because she wanted to show kindness to someone after starting a new job.

The backpack is placed on his desk with the note, “This is for you.”

Jahiem cracks a slight smile before opening the bag and removing a present.

Sofi informs Jahiem that there is more to her after he compliments her. He goes through a treat bag she packed for him filled with items like shirts and socks, which he takes out one at a time.

Jaheim makes an effort to remain calm despite this, but when Sofi approaches to hug him, he completely snaps.
All of my emotions came gushing out as I handed him his belongings and watched him unzip his suitcase. It was kind of terrible to see him cry because he seemed bewildered.

Sofi stated in a message:

Jaheim was overjoyed when I gave him those shoes, and it taught me how essential it is to give someone wonderful gifts.

Jahiem, you have my undivided love.

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