‘Super rare,’ 1-in-3,000 male calico shelter cat lights up internet and finds a home

When the little kitten Comet was brought to the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas, everyone there was shocked. They understood that they achieved a rare calico cat and that made him the “unicorn of cats. But why was the cat rare?

It was because the calico cats are usually female ones and only 1 in 3000 calico cats turns out to be male. So Comet was a very special kitten that he hadn’t yet recognized.

Calico cats are differentiated by their tri-color coat of fur. According to ASPCA, the distinctive coating is caused by two X chromosomes. And that X chromosomes decide the sex of the cats which is almost always female.

Soon after Comet appeared in the shelter the Animal Foundation posted great news about him. The rare kitten got adopted and now was living happily with his new warm family.

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