Stray Mom Dog Freaks Out When She Sees A Guy Trapping Her Only Puppy In A Net

One kind-hearted man was feeding a stray Pitbull- Dachshund mix dog named Oreo. The dog was against being rescued so the man didn’t call any organization. But soon the man noticed a miracle. Oreo wasn’t alone but with his baby Cookie Monster.

This time the man couldn’t leave them in the streets so he called a rescue team. But this wasn’t a pleasant step in Oreo’s opinion as she was very nervous when she saw other people taking her puppy away.

But seeing her acquaintance among the rescue people she was a bit relaxed. The rescue team took them to a shelter where they were both examined and after this, the shelter found a foster home for them.

Soon the mother-son duo was adopted by a warm family and now they are living happily together.

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