Stray cat begs shopkeeper to open his door and let her in during heatwave

Most of us are seeking shelter from the brutally hot weather this summer.

While some governments and organizations offer cooling shelters for those seeking refuge from the heat, animals often have nowhere to escape scorching temperatures.

But one shopkeeper was kind enough to offer shelter for a local stray cat.

This poor cat was literally begging to get inside Rayan Algamadi’s electronic store in Saudi Arabia.

A cat rescuer in Saudi Arabia says that stray cats are very prevalent in Saudi Arabia.

“The situation with cats in Saudi is very bad,” Lauren Braithwaite told The Cat Site. “You can not go down a single street without seeing stray cats around. There are no animal shelters.”

Algamadi took a video of the cat standing up against the glass door of his business and meowing incessantly.

The closer he gets, the more the cat starts to meow and paw at the door.

It looked as if it was literally begging to get inside. Algmadi opens the door to let the stray cat inside.

“Welcome, welcome,” Algamadi says in the video, according to The Dodo. “She wants to get in. Come on. Welcome, welcome. The sun is hot today, right? Welcome, welcome.”

The kitty walked right in through that door without hesitating and plopped down on the cool marble floor.

He found a cozy spot leaning against a display case.

The cat then looks back at Algamadi and blinks. That hot cat looks very thankful to be indoors in a cool space and very thankful to Algamadi for letting her in.


Algamadi also gave the kitty some water to cool down and a bite to eat off camera. The video of him helping the cat ended up going viral.

It was viewed more than 673,000 times.

It seems as if the cat is a regular at Algamdi’s store. He also has a video of the cat stopping by in late June, in addition to the video posted on July 15.

The cat also came back on July 21 and Aug. 3. So it looks like Algamdi has a new customer and the cat has a new friend.

Lots of people on TikTok thanked Algamdi for his kindness and helping the stray cat when it was so hot out outside.

“Bless you and your business for your kindness. Poor thing looked way overheated,” wrote one TikToker.

“Thank God for those who have a compassionate heart,” said another.

“When cats squint their eyes like that they are essentially giving you kisses and saying thank you. Glad you helped out this kitty,” and another.

Many were hoping that Algamdi will officially adopt the kitty.

The story of his kindness toward the cat spread across the world.

“Please adopt him. It may bring good luck to ur business. Let him stay in your store. Take care of him,” one commenter said.

No word yet on if Algamdi officially adopted the cat, but you can check out his original video and TikTok account below for updates.

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