Soldier Rejoins With Puppy She Saved From Dog-Catchers While Overseas

When 29-year-old Military Sergeant Charity Webb was working as a cook in Europe, she met a roaming dog. The dog had puppies and one of them was very shy among the soldiers.

Webb liked the puppy very much and worked very hard to make the shy one trust soldiers. But there were still people who tried to hurt the little one so Webb defended her and always hugged the little one. She named her Puppy Puppy.

In Europe, they established a strong bond and the woman was afraid that after her deployment Puppy Puppy could be hurt by dog catchers. So she started to think about a rescue plan. She heard about the non-profit Paws of War, which reunites soldiers with the animals they cared for overseas when they’re back in the United States. As the organisation entirely runs on donations Webb had to wait a bit. But due to the article from the NY post the cost($7000) was accumulated and the Pup was on her way to meet Webb.

After a few months apart, Webb and Pup were finally reunited in a touching moment. Puppy Pup wagged her tail as soon as she got out of the van and found her new permanent mother.

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