Sisters take late mother’s lamp to be appraised and learn it’s worth a fortune

Many families have a custom of passing precious artifacts down to the following generation.

But have you ever pondered the value of those heirlooms?

When two sisters learned how much their cherished mother had left them, they were brought to tears.

They received the opportunity to have their lamp evaluated in one of PBS’s most watched programs.

The Antiques Roadshow travels from state to state asking locals to share their most unusual and uncommon findings or family heirlooms that are just gathering dust in their attics.

They explained the history of its Tiffany Studios Rose Helmet Lamp to this family.

The stunning artwork screams antebellum-era artistry.

These lamps were one of the most sought-after items of New York’s high society as urbanity advanced and new technologies gave rise to new crafts.

The Tiffany Studios Rose Helmet Lamp has a cover that is reminiscent of the combat helmets of the era and was highly influenced by the Art Nouveau movement.

Its stained glass pattern is covered in roses and has soft colors for easy viewing.

The lamp belonged to their mother, the sisters agreed.
The light was discovered by their mother in the local newspaper’s advertisements.

Their mother was eager to purchase the lamp from whoever was selling it since she knew what it was.

The seller of the light was aware of the type of stone she was holding.
It’s odd that she was letting it go just as easily, though. She was informed by the vendor that her grandfather owned the light.

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