Shelter pittie meets new dad for first time and can’t stop hugging him

Losing a pet leaves a void in us, and it’s difficult to move forward.

Acceptance is one thing; moving on is another. We deal with loss differently; there’s no rule or steps on how to do it. We just do as we learn to live life without them.

Mary and Mark McCraw once had a rescue dog named Mischka.

They loved her very much, and she meant a lot to them. Sadly, though, she was diagnosed with cancer and passed away a few months after. The couple wasn’t sure if they were ready to fill the void she left.

It’s difficult to move forward, and getting another dog may only bring in more heartaches for them. A new dog could either remind them of Mischka and her life, or it could be as painful when the new dog would leave them sooner than expected.

Then, Mary and Mark saw a dog up for adoption and felt it was time.

It was time to move forward, get a new dog, and give them a chance at having a forever home. They saw Demi, now named Maggie, and one look at that dog captured their hearts.

Mary wanted to meet her, and Mark agreed that maybe it was time to get a new dog.

They asked Halfway There Rescue if they could schedule a meet and greet. The couple was excited to meet Maggie but didn’t expect much from their first meeting. After all, matching with a potential fur baby could be tricky.

What happened next was the biggest tell-tale sign they were meant to be.

“I bent down so she would not be intimidated, and within seconds she was in my lap and in my life,” Mark told The Dodo. “Her story broke our hearts. Meeting her was love at first sight, it was an instant connection. We feel like she was meant to be with us.”

Maggie’s foster mom, Andra Mack, knew it wouldn’t be difficult for her to find a new home.

She said that Maggie’s story probably made her the sweet dog she is. Her past owners used her for breeding and neglected her. Gladly, the shelter rescued her, and Andra opened her home for Maggie to recover.


Once she recovered, she also started to show her true self – a fun and sweet dog who loves to cuddle beside her hooman. According to Andra, the day Maggie saw her new parents, she knew they were a perfect match.

Check out the adorable moment Maggie met her humans below!

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