Shelter dog reaches through kennel bars to hold hands with people passing by

No one knew why Mac appeared in a shelter as she was found on the streets of Pasco, Washington, and brought to the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter.

Mac was a wonderful dog. The dog used to poke her paws from her kennel to greet the passers-by and get petted by them. Many visitors petted her but she remained at the shelter.

The shelter staff adored her. Julie Saraceno, a volunteer at the shelter told that Mac was the first on her list of favorite animals her, and many other employees. So the kind girl decided to put her photos on the internet so that the dog could find a forever home sooner.

On the 39th day of Mac at the shelter, Julie’s video and photos went viral and many people showed great interest in Mac’s adoption. Finally, a kind woman from Montana came and adopted the lovely dog.

From the further videos and photos it was obvious that Mac was having fun with her new owner.

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