“Same blonde hair and blue eyes”: Reese Witherspoon shared rare photos of her handsome 19-year-old son.

The well-known Hollywood star publicly celebrated her son’s birthday on social media in front of a large audience. Popular actress Reese Witherspoon delighted her followers by sharing exclusive photos of her middle son, Deacon.

When Deacon turned 19, his devoted mother shared her heartfelt birthday wishes with the entire world on Instagram.

“I’m giving Deacon a lot of love on his birthday! This young man is full of enthusiasm, has a clear sense of purpose, and has undeniable talent. He is the person with the best heart in the entire universe. I’m incredibly thrilled for you.I love you, Dee,” was written by Witherspoon beside the photo of her kid.

The first image depicted Deacon’s current appearance. It depicted him as a mature young guy who is incredibly attractive and resembles his mother much. The 19-year-old resembles Reese quite a bit. He has blue eyes that gaze straight through you and blonde hair.

Reese also sent a sweet photo of Deacon as a young boy. Deacon confidently posed for this humorous photo while sporting a shirt and hat. People laughed and recalled happy moments as a result. Reese Witherspoon’s admirers admired her and sent her well wishes as she displayed her love and pride for her baby in an emotional way. This strengthened the connection between a caring mother and her child.

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