Salma Hayek showed how she looks without makeup and said, “I counted how many gray hairs and wrinkles I have.”

Salma Hayek discussed how her appearance has altered as she has aged while displaying a candid photo of herself.

The well-known “House of Gucci” movie heroine continues to put a lot of effort into maintaining her physical fitness. The 56-year-old actor practices strict diet control and regularly visits the gym. As soon as Salma got up today, she decided to take pictures to display her inherent beauty.

Francois-Henri Pinault’s wife posed up close without any hair or cosmetics and discussed what she loved and didn’t like about her appearance. She acknowledged the alterations brought on by aging. Salma remarked, “I wake up and count how many gray hairs and wrinkles ruined my fun this morning.”

Several of Hayek’s well-known acquaintances urged her not to be so harsh on herself. Supermodel Cindy Crawford remarked, “Beautiful,” while actress Olivia Wilde admired her upbeat demeanor.

Salma’s supporters also showered her with appreciation. People like “Thank you for not being afraid to be honest” were spoken by her admirers. “You are a natural and so beautiful,” “A great message for all women,” and “No wrinkles!” “Your beautiful Mediterranean genes shine through,” “You’re beautiful,” and “Your face is beautiful without Botox or plastic surgery.”

The actress’s figure recently received praise from fans after she unintentionally danced naked.

The Emmy Award-winning actor just made his way down the red carpet at the 76th Cannes Film Festival. She wore a dress by her favorite designer, Kate Middleton, with a plunging neckline to a movie premiere.

Since 2009, Salma and Francois-Henri Pinault have been wed, and they are quite content together. With her husband’s children from a previous relationship, the actor has developed a strong friendship. This includes her stepson August, who is the son of 15-year-old Valentina’s mother, model Linda Evangelista, who is also her stepson.

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