Sad Pit Bull Tucked Herself Near Someone’s Porch Wishing to Get A Meal And He Does Not Understand Why No One Cares

Lakita was a miserable dog who waited for someone’s porch to meet her owner. But time passed and no one cared for the poor one until a woman located near the porch paid attention to her and called the rescuers.

Tracy, one of the rescuers, and her team came to help the dog.  First, the dog was afraid and didn’t want to let the rescuers near her but soon she realized that the help finally arrived and she had now someone to trust.

Tracy took the dog to animal control then she tried to get a clinical evaluation which didn’t happen. So Tracy took Lakita home that day. The dog soon became more and more beautiful. Her emaciated look disappeared as her skin began to shine and she began to gain weight.

When the dog was ready to get adopted Tracy posted her Christmas warm photos and they went viral. Many people wanted to adopt her and the lucky ones were Ashtyn and Sebastian. The 3 wonderful babies and now Lakita lives with a safe family who will never leave her in the position she has been in before.

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