Rescuers Helped A Ignored Horse On The Brink Of Death Make An Amazing Recovery

Heidi was in really bad form when she was rescued by the Royal Society for the Avoidance of Cruelty to Animals. Back in 2018, the RSPCA had gotten a concerned call about a neglected horse.

When the rescuers came they thought that the horse was dead. But when they discovered that the horse was breathing the rescuers were amazed. They took her to a safer place and started her recovery getting much-needed help from charities, like the British Horse Culture and Right Here 4 Horses.

The horse appeared to be very energetic and playful despite her awful look. And after 5 weeks the horse was able to walk on her own but she had still a long path of recovery as she had many other injuries.

However, Heidi showed her strength of character over the next two years. She’s gained back weight and gotten healthy enough to “run free in our pastures.”

While Heidi’s tale had a happy end, the unfortunate truth is that Right here 4 Horses will usually see similar cases of neglect at least one or two times per year.

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