Rescued Greyhound Has The Most Charming And Majestic Smile

The grin lends the animals’ faces their distinctive form; in the instance of an English greyhound named Joe, who boasts a pair of enormous and almost human-like teeth, this is the case.

According to Kerry Elliman, founder of Birmingham Greyhound Protection in England, The Dodo:

“He’s got a gigantic overbite, which is why he looks funny, maybe more than half an inch coming out, right out of his mouth… like proper teeth.”

Joe was saved from the races in Spain a while back and needed some time to adjust to his new life as a pet.

Kerry continued:

“He’s a little shut down right now, but he’s learning to be a pet; he enjoys his walks and, like most greyhounds, he enjoys sleeping. He just faced his bed: for the first several days, he would tumble out of bed, landing with his head on the floor.”

Joe’s look attracts attention without a question, but the dog’s attitude and charm evoke affection wherever he goes; there is never a shortage of people who smile. As he walks past, everyone’s attention is drawn to his large teeth.

Joe’s adoptive mother is doing everything she can to help him heal his emotional wounds and show the world how amazing he is, so she decided to photograph Joe’s quizzical grin and send it to Elliman.



Elliman shared Joe’s images with the Birmingham Greyhound Protection Facebook page, along with photos of musician Freddie Mercury, and the duo was appreciated.

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