Reaction of the 108-year-old man upon meeting his namesake grandchild

Esmond Olcock was Canada’s oldest citizen in 2018. All of his father’s male relatives—his paternal grandpa, great-grandfather, and husband—were born in 1910 and lived long, happy lives. His family was very important to him, therefore he went out of his way to remain in touch with everyone.

The name of Jena Lene’s grandpa was given to her son. For three decades, Grandpa had a significant influence in her life, offering her lots of counsel and spending a lot of time with her granddaughter. Few children get the opportunity to meet their great-grandparents, but baby Esmond did.

Lena recalled her grandfather teaching her to crawl before teaching her to walk and talk. When he found that she was expecting her first child, he told his friends and family about it. He was happy and fulfilled. He had an amazing response when she told him she was carrying a second kid.

Esmond reportedly admitted to his wife that none of his 71 grandkids and great-grandchildren were named after him. Lene and her husband made the decision to give their second child his name straight immediately.

Things did not go as planned when Lene finally got the chance to visit her great-grandmother and her child. She said, “When we got there, he had no idea who I was. My grandparents, though, he was positive he recognized, but not me.


Esmond the baby, who he later picked up and cradled in his arms, was the object of his attention despite this. Then he remembered Lena, the little child he used to take on walks.

The family journey was made possible by the relationship between Esmond Sr. and Esmond Jr. When great-grandpa met the newest member of his family, he was overtaken with emotion because they were a match made in heaven.

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