Puppy brings new toy to his tortoise best friend every single day

Meet Skippy. He’s cute, he’s got a booty dance that would make JLo jealous, and he gets really excited when he brings his tortoise BFF a brand new toy every single day!

What more could you ask for when looking to get your serotonin fix?

Not only did he get immediate access to a big backyard, but he also had a brand new pal waiting for him as soon as he arrived.

What more could a playful guy ask for? Well, how about a sneaky little smooch! That should make his life complete, right?

When you’re a puppy you expect the absolute best and always want more of the same. And for Skippy, the best means sharing all the wealth he had.

Whether it was a stick, a plushy, or something that squeaked, this tiny pooch made his mission to bring his buddy a brand new toy every single day

But even that wasn’t enough for him. Something was missing. Could it be….head rubbies?

Yep, this pupper actually reaches out his tiny little paw to “pet” Tilly G on the head!

Sometimes he gets overexcited though, so mom has to remind him, “Soft head rubbies.”

When Karen Sisneros brought Skippy home, he was just a scrappy 9-week-old with a ton of energy. At first, she didn’t know how the pup would react to the giant tortoise, but she had nothing to worry about.

Skip put on his big boy pants, greeted Tilly G. with a funny booty dance, and then planted a sloppy kiss on top of his head. Because that’s how those West Coast doggos roll!

And the feeling was apparently mutual. Even though he didn’t have to, the giant tortoise started following Skippy around the yard.

They were acting like old friends who had known each other for ages!

Karen told The Dodo that she thinks Skippy is saying, “I love you. I love you and I’m happy to see you.” And that totally seems to check out, given how much time and energy the two invest in one another every single day.

“It’s like if you see a long-lost family member you haven’t seen in a long time – that’s how Skippy is every day when he sees Tilly G.”

Karen went on to say that the two are “totally bonded and inseparable.”

Given that tortoises have a very long life, their blossoming friendship should continue to get even more fun and exciting in the coming years.

The only problem Karen has to figure out is where to source Skippy’s insatiable hunger for toys!

You can keep up with all the new booty dances and toys Skippy brings Tilly G on their Instagram page.

Watch the video below to see Skippy and Tilly G’s daily antics.

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