Puppy asks vacationing couple for help. 3 months later woman flies back to foreign country to see him

When Morgan went on a vacation with her boyfriend to Fiji, she didn’t know she would be leaving her heart that literally.

While they were going around Fiji and enjoying their vacation, a small puppy wandered up to Morgan.

“I was just sitting there and this little, tiny puppy just trotted out,” Morgan shared. “I was like ‘Oh my God! Where did you come from?’”


Morgan, a veterinary nurse in Sydney, Australia, noticed the puppy right away.

Instead of being a cute, little fluffy puppy, a tiny, weak puppy walked up to her. He was skinny and uncomfortable, and his coat was full of wounds.

She couldn’t just leave him there but she didn’t know what she was going to do either.

“I need to do something. I can’t leave this puppy here,” Morgan told herself.


Morgan knew she had to take him back to Sydney.

But she couldn’t stay there for three months while he got better because she had a job. And there were a lot of permits that needed to be organized so she can bring the puppy back home with her.

So she looked for a foster parent who could take care of the dog until she could go back to Fiji and bring him home.

Emily, the foster parent, was wonderful and really took care of the little puppy. She fed him and made sure he lived in a comfortable, loving home. And Morgan made the right decision.


After three weeks, the puppy was unrecognizable from who he was before he found Morgan.

He grew a full, shiny coat and he had so much energy.

There were other dogs at the home, who he played with constantly.

Three months later, as promised, Morgan went back to Fiji for the little puppy. And the puppy, whom she named Fiji for obvious reasons, was so happy.


When they arrived in Sydney, Fiji wouldn’t leave her side.

And Fiji just settled beautifully into his new life in Sydney and has become the happiest dog. He’s gone from a sick, little puppy to a healthy, 23-kilo happy dog.

Morgan already has a cat and two dogs living with her and they have no problems living with Fiji whatsoever.


They’ve just accepted that Fiji is now their new brother.

And how could you not? Fiji is such a sweet and playful dog. Who knows what would have happened to him if he and Morgan hadn’t found each other?

It’s especially troublesome since there is an overpopulation of stray animals in Fiji. The government has tried to solve the problem but can only do so much. One solution to control the overpopulation problem is to spay or neuter the animals. Hopefully, the citizens of Fiji will also work with the government to solve this problem.


Fiji’s story is a great, heart-warming story and we hope there are more stray dogs and animals who can have the same happy ending.


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