Pregnant Cat Dumped In The Woods Is Rescued By Woman And Gives Birth To Two Adorable Kittens

When you make up your mind you have a pet you become a parent for her/him. It means that you are responsible for the pet and you must take care of him/her as it is your decision to acquire a pet.

This little tortie cat lived with her family and felt very protected there. Soon she got pregnant and couldn’t imagine that she had to spend her pregnancy in the streets. The family where she had been living abandoned the pregnant cat and the miserable cat named Maud was roaming the streets hopelessly. The cat was dehydrated and could find proper food fro herself and her future babies.

Luckily, a dog walker noticed her in the woods and contacted the RSPCA shelter. Soon the poor pregnant cat was welcomed to teh shelter with open arms. Maud felt that she was rescued by kind peopla and she and her future babies would be safe and sound. The staff cared very well for the cat and soon she gave birth to two cute and healthy kittens. Now she knew that her babies would find safe homes for them due to the kind poeple of the shelter and would never be abandoned by anyone else. Let the cat mother’s wish come true and none of the animals wouldn be abandoned by any owner in the world.

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