Police Department Allows Parking Tickets To Be Paid By Cat Food Donations!

What a fabulous idea! Wish more city police departments would take up this idea! 😄❤️

This is just the best idea. So necessary and teaches compassion for animals.
This clever idea from the Muncie Police Department is really meaningful to the cats at the shelter!

The Muncie Animal Care & Services, Indiana shelter is having a hard time keeping up with the cat population. There are currently 350 cats and kittens being reared here, and the number of feral cats brought here is continuing to rise.

Although they adore cats dearly, they are unsure about how to have enough food to feed them all!

At this time, the Muncie Police Department decided to post a tweet on Twitter, the news that the police were beginning to let persons with outstanding parking tickets contribute cat food to shelters rather than [pay.ing] a [fee] surprised everyone. Additionally, they can provide kitty litter or paper towels, and some even provide beds and blankets for the comfort of the shelter cats.

Those who must pay a fine may also [don.ate] to a shelter or make arrangements for their [don.ation] to be picked up by the police in their area. Naturally, nobody is offended by this because they think the idea is awesome!

Fortunately, there was enough [mo.ney don.ated] to take care of the kitties. Even though the cat don.ation drive only lasted a few days, it was a great success. To help the animals at the shelter find their forever homes, the shelter has also extended an invitation for don.ations and adoptions.

Even people who didn’t get their parking tickets also don.ated, simply because they love these adorable cats so much!

People are now complimenting the police and the shelter for working together so well. In addition, some of the commenters suggested that this strategy is used by other police agencies.

There are so many animal shelters and rescues that are needing donations all the time. It would be wonderful if more police departments did this. 👍❤️

Would you prefer to make this pa.yment for your car fare? That sounds pretty cool!

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