Pittie steps in to help stressed beagle mom and becomes perfect nanny

When they rescued this mama beagle and her puppies from a lab testing facility, she was terrified.

She was so scared she wouldn’t look up, and she recoiled whenever anyone even accidentally touched her. And she was always looking at her puppies and counting them, making sure they were all present.

“My heart breaks each time I remove a baby to tend to them and see her spiral in worry. I tell her that it’s ok, I’m one of the helpers, but my voice is futile. I must wait for her to learn by my actions,” Elli shared.

Butter had her eyes open all the time, most likely having learned it from living at the warehouse breeding facility.

“There was an internal struggle that you could see happening between, ‘Do I run after my babies? Where are they going?’” Elli said. “But also, ‘They’re going over to that giant human.’”

Wanting to let Butter heal and decompress naturally without worrying about her puppies, Jasmyne, the 100-pound pitbull, stepped in as their nanny.

To keep Jasmyne socializing with the other dogs, Elli encouraged her to foster puppies, which Jasmyne loved. And she loved helping Butter take care of her seven puppies. And the puppies loved Jasmyne, too.

“She’s very gentle with them and definitely sees them differently. And they really continue to help her have these positive experiences with other dogs,” Elli explained.

It was also good for Butter to know that another dog was nurturing and gentle with her puppies.

Knowing this makes it easier for her to spend more time on her recovery without worrying that someone will take away and hurt her baby.

Jasmyne loved being with the puppies.

It was so obvious because she basically let them do anything to her. She would lie down and they would crawl all over her. They’d nibble on her paws and her ears and play on her face.

Jasmyne was their own personal jungle gym. And while Jasmyne was taking care of the puppies, Elli was keeping her distance to remove Butter’s confusion about humans.

This way, she’ll be able to learn and see that good things can happen with humans.

Elli was so excited when Butter approached her willingly. She would give her treats and stroke her head. And pretty soon, Butter would come to her excitedly, like a puppy.

And when she knew she could trust Elli, Butter let Elli hold her and cuddle her.

Elli only adopted out her puppies when she felt Butter was ready to let go. And for taking care of her puppies, Butter was grateful to Jasmyne. Now, they’re the best of friends and they have been playing together all the time.

And thanks to Elli, Mr. Bones and Co., and Jasmyne, Butter is in the best shape since being alive.

“Butter is thriving and she has completely embraced this new dog that she’s become,” Elli declared.

Butter is still looking for her forever home, and if you’d like to get to know her and give her that home, watch the video below.

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