Pitbull takes injured foster puppy half his size under his wing then begs mom to keep her

“She was a very resilient dog.”

That was the first impression Brianna had when she got to know little Opal.

When Wags and Walks rescued Opal. It baffled them about her condition. No one knew what had happened to this beautiful dog.

When they found the little pittie-mix, she was not in a good condition. Aside from being malnourished, she had other medical concerns to be addressed. The worst part, her jaw was broken.

Brianna noticed something about this little dog. Her eyes were full of hope.

As Brianna walked inside the shelter, she saw Opal, and immediately she knew she had to foster this gorgeous dog.

Brianna thought about what happened to Opal, and upon further checking her, she believed this puppy was a stray that was hit by a car.

Even though she had many injuries, this puppy was a fighter.

Unfortunately, they had to wire her jaw for months. This means she had to wear a muzzle until she gets better.

Despite everything she had gone through, Opal was really resilient and she loves all the attention.

Opal wanted to be loved, and she was also willing to open her heart.

When Brianna brought Opal home, she hoped that her dog, Duke, would accept her.

He did.

In fact, Duke instantly fell in love with Opal! Even Opal was so excited when she saw Duke.

Though, the duo wasn’t able to play together since Brianna had to keep Opal in another space, separated by a baby gate.

Even though there was a gate between them, Duke rarely left Opal’s side. They would play and stay close to each other.

Seeing Duke sad as he waited for Opal to get out, Brianna’s heart gave in and let Opal out.

There was one rule – not to get too rough.

Duke understood, and he was so gentle with his best friend. They were so close, always snuggling and sleeping together.


Brianna loved how patient Duke was.

In no time, five months had passed. Finally, it was time for Opal’s muzzle to be removed.

The puppy went home so excited, and when she saw Duke, they played all day!

Soon, Brianna and her family saw how Opal’s personality blossomed.

She had her own quirky habits that made them laugh. They loved how Opal would wag her tail along with her whole body.

Duke and Opal would play and run around, and once they feel tired, they could cuddle and sleep. Brianna knew that Duke and Opal loved each other.

She couldn’t possibly separate them, so she decided to finalize Opal’s place in their family. Indeed, it was a foster failure, but it was the best decision of her life.

They adopted Opie on Betty White’s birthday because she is their little old lady.

Also, the family would joke around that Opie was Duke’s dog, his best buddy, and his person. Their love for each other will surely make you smile.

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