Pit Bull From Shelter Senses Sick Boy And Goes Straight For Him

All dogs are special. We are very lucky to have them in our lives. But sometimes a dog comes along that has more innate senses than the average dog.

This story is about a very special puppy called Aladdin. Aladdin is a pit bull with a sad past. He was severely neglected. He was hungry when he was brought to a shelter. He had serious orthopaedic problems and was missing 12 teeth.

This adorable Pit Bull can’t bend his hind legs. To compensate for his problems, he sits, lies down and walks in a very awkward way. Luckily his mom-to-be Michele saw him at the shelter and it was love at first sight!

In the video below, she explains that despite what they’ve been through and the obvious discomfort when they see each other, he immediately wags his tail when they see each other!

Aladdin was certified as a therapy dog just one year after he was adopted.

This is because Aladdin can relate to people in a special way. He especially loves children. The room may be full of people, but Aladdin somehow always finds his way to the person who needs his attention the most. No one can explain it exactly, but he seems to be able to feel his emotional pain. Maybe it’s his past. But maybe it’s because he himself is still suffering from his deformed legs.

Aladdin was on the scene after the shooting at a nightclub in Orlando. He made his way through the crowd and went straight to a man. The crowd was large and no one was sure who was at the club or nearby to support him. But Aladdin knew!

He went straight to a man: ,,This dog looked at me and realized I needed him.” He turned out to be at the club and Aladdin knew this kind man needed to feel safe. ,,It was a very emotional moment.”

This extraordinary puppy not only helps people, but also comforts dogs who have suffered abuse and trauma. But despite everything Aladdin does for dogs and people, he still has to deal with racial stereotypes. His mother knows how difficult this can be.

Children flock to pet Aladdin, but when some parents ask what kind of dog he is and are told he is a pit bull, they push their children away. Aladdin’s mom Michele does her best to change that! Even though she has to dress him up to make him more approachable, she has fun!

Aladdin was also honored. He was named Therapy Dog of the Year by the American Humane Association.

This was a turning point for Aladdin. A gentleman sitting in the audience at the awards ceremony approached Michele and said he could operate on Aladdin for free. The vet knew he could alleviate much of his orthopedic pain. Unbelievable!

Aladdin’s story continues and we promise it gets even better. We are mesmerized by this dog and his incredible bond with people and other puppies who need him the most. Don’t miss the video below. It is truly inspiring. We hope pit bulls like Aladdin will get the recognition they deserve.

All dogs are special and should never be judged by breed stereotypes!

If you support dogs like Aladdin and love pit bulls, watch the video and share his special story!

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