Photographer Beautifully Captures the Brief Life of a Newborn Twin

Expectant parents frequently have dreams about holding their new baby. It definitely appeared like a miracle to Ohioans Lyndsay and Matthew Brentlinger when they brought a set of healthy-appearing twins into the world.

Doctors warned the Brentlingers that their baby William had heart defects and was probably going to be stillborn when the couple was pregnant. But on December 17, 2016, the couple joyfully welcomed their son and daughter Reagan into the world.

Being new parents, Lyndsay and Matthew were ecstatic. However, they also knew that due to his cardiac conditions, William’s time on earth would be limited.
Mom stated to HuffPost:

“I was overjoyed that they had arrived at last and that Will was doing well. However, I was also anxious about losing him.

The Brentlingers’ acquaintance had an idea for preserving the family’s priceless time together. In an effort to arrange a last-minute picture session, she called local photographer Lindsey Brown.
Brown (of Lindsey Brown Photography) was unsurprisingly booked up given how near Christmas was. But given the situation, she didn’t think twice about going to the family’s house with her camera.

Brown told the Huffington Post:

“I immediately saw that I had to do this for them. Who could ever refuse it if they had a heart?

For the Brentlinger family’s photo session on December 20th, Brown did her magic.
She snapped pictures of the adorable twins cuddled up next to one another. Some of them show Baby William looking wide awake.

To CNN, Lindsey Brown said:

I was astounded by how lovely they both looked. While little Reagan slept and seldom opened her eyes, William was incredibly awake, as if he was trying to take it all in. The entire time I was there, it was quite bittersweet.

The Brentlingers posed on the couch with their infants and also took individual pictures. Every single one will be treasured always.

That Lyndsay and Matthew were able to hug their son in their arms and savor memorable occasions as a family of four is a privilege.

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