Mother Goose Takes Care Of 47 Babies And Keeps Them All Safe

When the Coronavirus quarantine occurred Mike Digout had been taking walks along the Saskatchewan riverbank near his home in Saskatoon and bringing along his camera to capture the interesting moments of nature.

And one day he discovered something very astonishing. After seeing that many goose eggs hatched Mike noticed a goose with more than 47 ducklings.

First, the photographer noticed the goose with 25 goslings, the next the babies were 30 and soon they were 47. The man was surprised until he found out that it was known as a gang brood and was common in urban and suburban areas with lots of nests.

In such a way, the geese babysit other goslings, help the other parens take some nights off and have a rest. So animals help each other and understand what being a parent means.

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