Mother Cat Listens To Orphaned Babies Crying In Another Room And Decides To Adopt Them All

Cotillion was such a kind cat mother that she couldn’t stay calm when she heard another meow coming from her neighboring room.

She gave birth to 2 little kittens and was lying with her kittens when she heard meowing. She was living at the San Bernardino sanctuary. Jamie Gothro was attracted by the pregnant cat and decided to foster her. When Cotillion’s kittens were 4 weeks old the sanctuary brought other 4 orphaned kittens to Gortho as no one wanted them.

Gothro had fostered many cats and told that not all of them were so kind as to nurse other babies too but Cotillion was very gentle and kept the orphaned babies very well. When they grew a bit older the sanctuary would find forever homes for them.

Animals will care for each other if they are in need. This talks about their pure nature and infinite kindness.

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