Mom sets up camera to see how dachshund keeps ‘escaping’ over baby gate

You’ve probably heard it before: Dachshunds are a lot like cats. They’re affectionate and loyal, but they also have their own personalities and energy levels.

The truth is, dachshunds are just as different from each other—and other breeds of dogs—as humans are.

Doxies are great pets to have.

They love to be part of a family and will happily sit by your side as you watch TV or work at your desk. Their loyalty means that they make great companions for people who live alone or travel frequently, as they are always happy to see their owner return home.

Dachshunds even have a reputation for being brave and courageous!

Despite their size, they don’t back down from any situation.

They may not be able to take on anything bigger than themselves but they’ll give it their best shot!

Dachshunds are playful little dogs who enjoy exercise but also need plenty of rest between activities so that they can keep up with all their energy levels!

But they can be great escape artists too!

Dachshunds are clever. So clever, that they can find a way out of any tight spot. They’re also good at getting into trouble, but no one’s perfect.

Dachshunds are a breed known for their curiosity and determination. They’re also the perfect candidate for an escape plan if you can’t get them to do anything else.

They can pretty much get out of anything!

That’s exactly what happened when one dachshund named Darcie decided he’d had enough of the gate her owners set up.

When they kept discovering Darcie in the living room and their other four dogs in the kitchen, where they all should be, Mary and Scott Warwick suspected something was wrong.

The couple knew something was up.

Mary installed a security camera to investigate the issue of how the sausage dog with short legs kept escaping. As you can see in the video below, the camera quickly demonstrated how smart Darcie is.

Apparently, Darcie was receiving assistance from Benson, her Pittie brother. Darcie gets onto Benson’s back and uses him as a ladder to climb over the baby gate.

Benson seemed to have no problem being used as a perch, too!

Mary shared that she had raised the baby gate and ordered a bigger door to prevent the three-year-old Darcie from jumping out since she doesn’t want her to continue escaping (and, we may add, risk being hurt).

Mary jokes that they were a fairly well-behaved pack of canines before Darcie arrived and “completely ruined it,” pointing out that she is undoubtedly the mischievous one of the group.

“Darcie’s the one that if there’s a toilet roll available, she’ll go and thread it,” Mary fondly shared. “You can’t leave washing in the kitchen as she’ll pull all the clothes down.”

Well, Darcie might be a mischievous one, but she is a great source of entertainment for sure!

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