Men Rescue Kangaroo Dangling From A Barbed Wire Fence

Australia is known for its diverse animal species. But here are some ethnic species and you associate these animals with no other country but Australia. Kangaroos are one of that species. Besides being very powerful and fragile animals, they are also very curious. Recently there are many videos and photos on the internet proving that kangaroos are interested in human surroundings and often are found near humans’ houses, parks, etc.

Recently two men, a father, and a son noticed an unusual scene on their road. A poor kangaroo was hanging off the fence. The kind men immediately stopped that car and went for rescue.

As the kangaroo seemed motionless from a distance the rescuers thought it was dead. However, coming closer they realized that the animal was still alive. So the guys freed the kangaroo from his trap.

He seemed very weak and thirsty as he might have been hanging there for hours. So after freeing him the men offered him fresh water which he couldn’t reject. After drinking some water the kangaroo ran away and the two rescuers wished him good luck.

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