Meet Dolh, a man who spent a lot of time in the bush interacting closely with a cheetah.

Almost all animals are capable of friendship. No matter whether it is a wild or domestic one animals are always happy to have some human beside them to spend funny time with.

Dolh Walker is an animal protection specialist who has spent most of his time with wild cats. He had many experiences with enormous felines and loved them very much. But with one of them, he had a special bond.

When he was first volunteering in the reserve of South Africa he met the eight-month-old cheetah Sanre and they became friends immediately. The kind man cared for him and even taught him how to eat. They were so close that the man fed him with his hands and even slept with the cheetah.

Every time Dolh was in Africa he visited his lovely friend and Sanre, in its turn, met him with great love and embraces.

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