Meet Chloe and her precious little two day old baby boy.

Meet Chloe and her precious little two day old baby boy. I picked her up last night and I’ll be taking her in to the vet this morning to get her checked out. It’s unusual for a cat to have only one baby. So it’s best we have her looked at to make sure she’s completely done birthing. #mamacat #newbornkitten #ChloeandQuinn @whiskersnpurrs said.
We are home from a big day out at the vet. Mama Chloe did have another baby hiding inside but unfortunately it did not survive. She is comfortable now and being such a good mom to her healthy baby boy ❤ @whiskersnpurrs said.

Mama and baby are doing really well. He’s very chunky and robust and Chloe is so attentive ❤ #mamacat #newbornkitten.
ps:/ I just weighed him and he gained 35 grams since yesterday! @whiskersnpurrs said.

Hey kitten lovers, I’d like to introduce you to baby boy Quinn ❤ @whiskersnpurrs said.

Look at this little chubawub go! He’s 5 days old and weighing in at 254 grams, which is typically a weight seen closer to two weeks 😂 @whiskersnpurrs said.

I can’t wait for Quinn’s peepers to peep so we can see his baby blues 😍 #ChloeandQuinn #newbornkitten.
Newborn kittens’ eyes typically open between 7-10 days old. @whiskersnpurrs said.
Mama Chloe is so sweet and affectionate. When I come in to visit her she just wants to snuggle, but she’s torn between spooning me and staying with Quinn in the nesting tote. So she goes back and forth between us. I decided to lay down a blanket and bring baby closer to me so now she can snuggle us both and she’s purrfectly content.
We are laying on the floor next to the toilet in a really small bathroom! Today after the Cowboys move out I’ll be cleaning the foster room and moving mama and baby over. Then we’ll have a comfy bed to cuddle on ❤ #ChloeandQuinn #mamacat #newbornkitten @whiskersnpurrs said.

Mama Chloe and the chunk are moved into the foster room. Quinn wasn’t overly impressed but mama loves the new space. She has inspected every corner, played with some toys, sat on the windowsill to watch birds, and spooned with me on the bed 😍 @whiskersnpurrs said.
Good morning ☀️ Mama Chloe gave me scare! This morning I went into the foster room and Quinn wasn’t in the nesting tote. I found him nestled in the cubby up in the car tower. Phew! It’s normal for mama cats to move their kittens, but I’ve blocked off the cubby now. It’s not safe for him to be that high off the ground 😳 @whiskersnpurrs said.

No visit yet from the eyeball fairy, but the whisker pixie has been all up in Quinn’s business 🐱 @whiskersnpurrs said.
Mornin’ snugs with the butterball 😍 #chunkymonkey #ChloeandQuinn @whiskersnpurrs said.

Quinn had a very busy day opening his eyes 😍 @whiskersnpurrs said.

Good morning! Have you seen how fabulous my paws are? Everything is amazing! I see you 😍 @whiskersnpurrs said.

Slipping into a milk coma 💙 @whiskersnpurrs said.
Bobblehead Quinn. I would make a dashboard version, but I’m afraid it would cause too many accidents 🐱 @whiskersnpurrs said.

Goodnight kitten lovers ❤ @whiskersnpurrs said.

Poor Quinn doesn’t stand a chance with two moms! 😍 @whiskersnpurrs said.

Mama Chloe is a beauty, inside and out. She’s so sweet and affectionate, and such a good mama to her baby ❤
Already I’m seeing comments suggesting Chloe and Quinn must be adopted together. I should let you know now before anyone gets their hopes up that this will not be the case. Chloe will be going back to her owner once she is finished nursing and has been spayed.
Quinn will go up for adoption in a couple months. Perhaps I’ll find him some foster siblings before then ☺️ @whiskersnpurrs said.
Nite nite kitten lovers ❤ # @whiskersnpurrs said.
Nighty nite kitten lovers ❤ @whiskersnpurrs said.
Mama Chloe is such a good mom ❤
Happy Mothers Day to all. And a special shoutout to my amazing, courageous, selfless Foster Mom friends – you inspire me every day 😘 x @whiskersnpurrs said.

What is Quinn dreaming about? Is he kickboxing? Rollerblading? Tap dancing? Put your best guess in the comments and let’s have a giggle together 😂 @whiskersnpurrs said.

Quinn and I have a staring contest:
Foster mom=0
Quinn tries to escape bath time:
Foster mom=1
Quinn=0 @whiskersnpurrs said.

Quinny is changing so much every day. Moving around more, staying awake longer, interacting with me. His little ears have really perked up. His ear canals will open this week and he should start responding to sounds 😍 @whiskersnpurrs said.

G’night kitten lovers ❤ @whiskersnpurrs said.

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