Man who believes in pixies sits in woods with camera and awes internet with footage

It’s safe to say that most of us grew reading storybooks.

As children, we heard different stories about kingdoms and worlds that are different or apart from ours. We encountered stories with many interesting characters, from princes and princesses to personified animals in fables.

We also encounter interesting stories of mythical creatures.

These creatures are said to be among us. Some say these creatures lived on Earth before we, humans, entirely inhabited all lands. But knowing that this is fiction and are worlds in storybooks aimed at children to teach a lesson, we never believed they could be real.

A man named Erwin Saunders is trying to prove pixies exist.

He dedicated an entire YouTube channel to his journey. He shows viewers how he “baits” them out using sweets and seeds because he believes pixies love them. In this particular video, he takes us to his first sighting of pixies.

This is not the first time he saw one.

In the video, he starts by sharing when he first encountered pixies. He said he first saw them right in the spot where he shot the video more than a decade ago. His last sighting of the pixies was in 2016. During these years, Erwin hasn’t probably thought of filming it.

Now, his entire YouTube channel is filled with his pixie adventures.

Doing this takes a lot of patience and endurance. You can see Erwin just sitting and waiting patiently until one would show up. Hours passed.

Then, he finally saw one and caught it on cam.

They look just like how books described them.

Pixies are often described as small, wingless creatures with elf-like ears and are known to be colored green (or wearing green). They are often confused with fairies, but fairies have wings and look more human in appearance than elf-like.

Pixies are also said to be more mischievous in nature.

Most folklores say that they often play a few tricks on travelers and lead them astray in their journey. They also pull some harmless tricks on humans like blow candles, throw small stones, and rap windows.

Erwin caught none of that, though.

In a short sighting of this single pixie, he just looked at where Erwin was sitting as if spying on what he was doing. You can see the pixie moving quite fast and left just like that.

This is a sight to behold for most of us.

After all, it’s not every day that we see creatures we’ve only seen in storybooks. While we can all doubt this is real, what if it really is? Does this mean that there is indeed a realm unknown or unseen by us?

Some people commented on the video and shared their two cents.

But this top comment, in particular, stated a valid point on their existence. If indeed they are real, it is better that people stay oblivious about them rather than chance destroying a magical world. As for Erwin’s efforts, his videos didn’t disrupt the pixie’s habitat, and that’s what matters.

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