Man Saves Owl After Being Run Over By Car Now She Can’t Stop Hugging Him

This picture of a man with the owl that he saved literally brings tears to our eyes.
One day GiGi was brought to Wild at Heart Rescue in Mississippi. GiGi is the owl in the picture.  She was already dying. The poor animal was alone when she suffered a dangerous head injury after being hit by a car.
,,It’s incomprehensible that this bird survived,” said Missy Dubuisson, founder of the rescue. She suffered a severe concussion, her body was full of parasites, and she had a disease called aspergillosis, which is similar to pneumonia in humans. She was so ill that during treatment she lost half a kilo in weight. That includes about 20-50% of her total weight. The owl was so grateful to her rescuer Doug that she couldn’t stop hugging him when he returned from his trip.
If anyone could take care of Gigi, it was Douglas Doug Pojeky, also known as Whispering Bird. Without Doug, it probably wouldn’t have been possible to recover. Watch as Doug, the bird whisperer, carefully cares for the injured GiGi: ,,In all the years I’ve worked with birds of prey, I’ve never seen anyone have such a strong connection to these magnificent birds,” says the rescue’s founder.
,,They know him and trust him completely. It’s the trust that shines through their faces. In all the years I’ve worked with birds of prey, I’ve never seen anyone have such an attachment to these beautiful birds,” Dubuisson explained. GiGi had complete confidence in Doug. When Doug returned from a trip with his family, GiGi couldn’t suppress his excitement. She started dancing and couldn’t stop hugging him. “I literally get tears in my eyes when I see how he acts around these birds,” Dubuisson added. “They know him very well and trust him. That’s the trust that shines through their faces.“
Watch the video below about the amazing owl and her rescuer!


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