Man build his dog her own giant cabin in the backyard to show her how much he loves her

When you picture a dog house, what comes to mind?

We imagine you’re seeing a small house, an arched hole for a door and window, and a simple roofing system.

If that’s your idea of a dog house, we wouldn’t blame you. After all, that’s how Snoopy lived. But not all dog houses are like that. Some come in with a window, a deck, and a set of stairs.

Maya is a border collie owned by a construction contractor.

David Connolly of Fencing Decking Specialists NI is her dad. On their Facebook page, Connolly said that their business is all about making fences and decks for commercial spaces and private homes.

They also offer other services too but mostly cater to outdoor spaces like planters, carports, sheds, and gazebos.

With this skill set, Connolly decided to give his dog something special.

Remember the dog house we told you to visualize? That’s about to be put to shame, we’re afraid.

Connolly noticed that Maya preferred staying out in the sun. He even takes her to his job sites when he can and Maya seems to like it.

On the days that she stays at home, Maya usually hangs out in the backyard. So, to make her spot much more comfortable, Connolly built her a dog house or on its scale, a dog cabin.

The dog cabin stands as a testament to Connolly’s skills.

The very first thing you’ll notice is the small fenced area around the cabin. The picket fence also comes with side planters and a red mailbox so you can keep in touch with Maya when she’s out and about.

Then, your attention will be drawn to the stairs leading up to Maya’s balcony. Yes, her dog cabin comes with a spot where she could oversee the property.

The roof extends over the balcony too so she can be outside while staying cool. On colder days, she can stay inside and view things through her window.

Connolly also listed the amenities of Maya’s cabin.

He said that Maya’s property comes with an insulated floor, a night light for those cozy evenings, and a small heater when winter comes in.

Connolly also explained that he raised the cabin on purpose. He said that it will enable her to see over the top of the fence at passersby even if she’s lounging inside the cabin or by the balcony.

But even with the luxurious dog apartment, it’s still not Maya’s favorite place.

Connolly shared that when he gets home after work, Maya still prefers to stay by his side and inside their home.

She only uses her cabin on days when he’s not around. Connolly said that it’s his way to show his appreciation for all the love he gets from Maya.

“Maya is my best friend,” he said to The Dodo. “She is a loyal companion and I am trying my best to make her life as enjoyable and comfortable for her as I possibly can. Building her a comfortable little home is the least I could do.”

Watch how Maya enjoys the house her owner built just for her.

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