Luke Bryan gives mom special gift on birthday after surrendering fame for her when brother died

If there’s something we need to learn about life, it’s that things don’t always go the way we want them.

2007 – Luke Bryan was enjoying the fruits of his hard-earned labor.

At around that time “All My Friends Say” from his self-titled EP, spent more than 30 weeks on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.


At its height, the song was placed in the 5th spot. It was a tremendous success for the country singer, but to get there, he had to undergo chapter after chapter of pain, loss, and grief.

His life as a musician started with a crushing loss.

He was just 19 years old back then and was about to move to Nashville where a lot of country singers launch their careers.

Before he could make his dreams a reality, however, his older brother Chris was killed in a car accident.


To take care of his grieving family, Bryan had to hang up his guitar and continue studying. He also worked at his father’s farm during this time. He placed family first while his dreams took the backseat.

At that time, Bryan’s father was slowly watching his son “die”.

Bryan was loyal to the family and has always been a caring son. However, life in their town wasn’t for him.


He is talented and was destined for great things – things that are slowly slipping away for every day that Bryan spent at the farm.


His father then threatened to fire him. It was the only way he knew how to get Bryan on the road without his son feeling guilty for leaving. He asked him to pack his truck, get his guitar, and drive to Nashville.

Bryan got his big break and in 2007, his song was on the charts.

At that same year, however, his sister Kelly suddenly passed away. Her husband followed several months after, leaving their children as orphans.


Bryan and his wife knew the family needed them once more. They adopted the three children and treated them as their own.

But there’s also one person who Bryan has been taking care of.

His mother LeClaire was especially devastated at the loss of her children. Despite that, she remained strong for her husband, Bryan, and her grandchildren.


Things were even more difficult when the pandemic raged across the world.

With the children gone, it’s easy to feel alone and isolated.

However, Bryan did what he does best for his mom.

He and his family drove all the way to Florida to celebrate his mother’s 73rd birthday.

In a video posted by his wife, Bryan startled his mom during the surprise.

It may have rattled LeClaire for a bit but all was quickly forgiven when the family reunited once more.

LeClaire was over the moon as shown in her Instagram posts.

Through the pain and the loss, Bryan and his mother have emerged stronger.

With Bryan’s tremendous love for her, we wish LeClaire the best years and amazing health.

Watch LeClaire’s most hilarious moments in the video below.

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