Loyal German Shepherd swoops in to protect 6-year-old boy from dog attack

A couple of weeks ago, a 6-year-old boy was playing with his 1-year-old dog, Tank, on the front lawn of his family’s house in South Florida.

Suddenly, the boy realized that the neighbor’s dog was coming running and charging towards him.

The boy stood up and tried to run away, but he didn’t have time for that. The neighbor’s dog was coming far too quickly towards him.

Just when the boy thought that the dog had him, his loyal German Shepherd made a heroic appearance.

Tank rushed to the spot just in time to push the boy down in order to protect him from the other dog.

The German Shepherd stood on the boy for a moment to draw the attacking dog’s attention, and then he started chasing him.

Moments later, the second dog of the family, a blue nose Pitbull, rushed to help Tank, too.

In the meantime, the elementary-school boy was able to stand up and run to his mom, who was shocked by the whole incident.

Mom and son were holding each other tight, thankful for Tank being there for the little boy.

The neighbor soon appeared and called his dog, and the incident ended there, but the video captured on CCTV has gone viral.

As the boy’s mom explained in a TikTok video, this was not the first time that the neighbor’s dog has tried to attack her boy. He also said that she didn’t have a conversation with the dog’s owner after the incident, and he just heard him say “sorry”.

Many people who watched her video advised her to call animal control “before something really bad happens”.

Indeed, the little boy was so lucky to have his best friend around. The family is so grateful to Tank for saving their son.

As for the training Tank has received? The boy’s mom explains that he hasn’t been trained ever.

“I just laugh when people think that he’s trained. […] Absolutely not. He’s the furthest thing from trained. So, everything that happened in that video was all instinct.”

But it wasn’t only Tank who rushed to help the little boy. It was also the other family pet, who at the time was playing with the boy’s mom.

When he realized that another dog was about to attack his canine and his human brother, the blue nose pitbull ran towards them to save the day.

Luckily, thanks to the alertness and intervenience of both family dogs, the 6-year-old boy was not mauled -or worse- by the neighbor’s dog.

What a blessing to have such protective dogs around.

People loved the German Shepherd’s reaction and they praised him in the comment section of the video.

“What an amazing dog! He immediately recognized the threat to his boy and took action without hesitation. It almost brings me to tears,” someone wrote.

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