Long Lost Schnauzer Reunites With Its Owner And Passes Out From Excitement

Casey the schnauzer went missing for 2 years, writes ilovemydogsomuc. The dog had disappeared and the desperate owner had almost given up hope of ever seeing her beloved dog again. Amazingly, the lost dog was found and reunited with his grateful mother. The Schnauzer was so overcome with emotion that he seemed to have fainted.

When Casey was missing, his mother was working and living in Slovenia. She returned to her hometown of Murrysville, Pennsylvania, where a joyful reunion took place.

As soon as Rebecca and Casey saw each other, the tears flooded, the dog screamed with joy and the mother struggled to control her emotions. You could feel the love and gratitude between them as they held each other tightly.

Casey suddenly leans sideways and seems to faint. Is this an emotional reunion? Has he gone crazy with joy? The cheeky dog was simply ecstatic and dumbfounded. He was taken to a vet, who watched the video, examined the dog and determined that he was fine.

Relive the happy reunion in the video below. A happy ending!

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