Joe Biden’s Beloved German Shepherd Will Be The First Shelter Dog In The White House

When Joe Biden was elected a President in 2020 he brought many “fists” to the White House. One of the “firsts” was that he brought a shelter dog to the White House.

Now Joe Biden had two German Shepherds named Champ and Major. Major was brought to the White House from Delaware Humane Association by Biden and his wife in 2018.

The dog appeared in the White House due to Ashley Biden, Biden’s daughter. She brought Major to her father’s attention. She sent her father a Facebook post about the shelter which announced that the puppies were looking for their forever homes. After seeing the post Joe Biden became the foster dad of Major.

Soon the President adopted the dog and the white house became a forever home for the dog. The two German Shepherds were very happy there. Since 1897 the White House has always had dogs as the presidents had their lovely dogs except for Trump.

Major was the first shelter dog but there was also another touching dog story that occurred in 1966 when the daughter of President Lydon B. Johnson spotted a dog around a Texas gas station. They rescued the dog and he became the first rescued dog in the White House.

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