If you can’t see the shorts, why are they there? what the public thought about Haley Bieber’s attire

Justin Bieber’s wife made an appearance in the public. Hailey was observed dining out in West Hollywood with Justin Sky, a singer, and model Laurie Harvey. The model chose an unusual appearance for the casual encounter. Alec Baldwin’s niece wore a voluminous fleece jumper with a sunset pattern, biker shorts, white socks, and sneakers. Hayley’s shorts were hardly discernible. She seemed to have forgotten entirely to put them on.

Bieber had her hair left free and was sporting sunglasses and a green baseball hat. The fashion icon carried a little beige purse. Hayley was seated with her pals on the outdoor porch.

Bieber’s new style is being avidly discussed by fans of the celebrity family. Her skin is flawless! Why wear shorts if you can’t see your legs? She looks unreal without cosmetics, and her legs are the most gorgeous on the earth. Provocative! Fans said, “Beautiful thighs,” “It’s like she forgot to wear a skirt.”

Hayley accompanied her husband to an exclusive dinner. She wore a sweater dress that barely covered her hips when she arrived for the date.

On the catwalk, the model showed off her obtrusive stomach. Hailey denied rumors of pregnancy but said a serious illness is the responsible for these changes. It was no secret that Bieber had an ovarian cyst.

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