Homeless Dog Follows People On Street Until Someone Rescues Her

This stray dog later named Lily followed anyone in the streets of Romania in order to persuade them to take her. But everything was to no avail. The miserable dog suffered in the trees for a very long time like many other stray animals.

But to her surprise, a miracle happened. The volunteers of the Howl of the Dog noticed her and her life changed at that very moment. The kind volunteers persuaded the miserable dog and put a leash on her neck with tears. The dog felt that these were her saviors and let them do whatever they wanted.

The dog was taken to the veterinary clinic where she was examined and appointed a careful treatment. The dog didn’t have any microchip so he had no one to be back again. The staff of the Howl of the Dog was very attentive to the dog and soon they gained her trust and made the shelter a real home for her.

But the dog couldn’t be kept there for a very long time so after the treatment, Lily was on the list for adoption, and a kind family from Germany adopted the cute ad playful dog. The fate of this starving stray dog has changed upside down due to the devoted work of the rescue organization.

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