Hoarder’s home in California is buried under 8 feet of junk

We’ve all had trouble throwing something away before.

Usually, we have some sentiment attached to it or we have made up some crazy scenario where we will actually use it, but we never will.

We might even use the word “hoarding” if we like to keep old things around the house, but after seeing this video, you might stop using that word for yourself!

One Los Angeles home was recently found to be the ultimate hoarder’s mecca.

It doesn’t require much searching to find the property – just look for the 8-foot-tall piles of trash surrounding the entire thing!

It’s so bad that a helicopter view from above doesn’t even let you see the sides of the home, just the top!

Neighbors finally called it in because of how bad it’s gotten.

Like the nature of all things, what one person does doesn’t just affect them, it affects those around them.

The problems for the neighbors started off with just how unsightly things were.

That, however, was just the beginning.

In an interview with a neighbor, the infestation of the property was revealed.

Where there’s hoarding there are pests. The entire property is covered in cockroaches, bugs, and ALL sorts of creepy crawlies.

Even more, the neighbors can literally hear the sound of rats and mice scampering through the junk when they are nearby.

With it being in such close proximity to other homes, it’s started to spread to them, too. It’s become a serious health concern for everyone.

When the neighbors approached the owner, he claimed he was going to fix it.

A group of the neighbors tried to get a solid date when the mess would be cleaned up.

When they asked, they were reassured by the guy who lives on the property that it was going to be taken care of soon.

Can you guess what happened? Nothing!

It’s so bad that the doors are blocked and the owner literally crawls over it when he wants to go inside.

The front door is completely invisible because of the trash in front of it.

When the owner comes home, he hops up and starts to physically climb over the trash, just to get inside!

Even with city complaints, nothing has happened.

At this point, it’s been over 10 years. That’s right – a decade!

Even with conversations with the neighbor, letters and requests to the city, and health concerns getting out of hand, nothing happened.

Finally, Inside Edition reached out to the city themselves and got in contact with Mark Ridley’s office, a city council member.

He assured them that a solution was in the works and it was going to take multiple city agencies.

For the people and neighbors who live nearby, they are hoping it isn’t just empty words as they’ve received in the past!

When it finally does happen, it will be a literal dream come true for many of them.

It’s just plain gross, too!

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