He cries with sadness and refuses to eat after being returned only 3 days after being adopted

Puppies are noble beings, they are attached to who gives them a little love or affection. This is why they appear to follow passers-by or refuse to let you leave their home when you visit.

When we consider a fuzzy homeless individual, the situation becomes even more tense. Since, after witnessing calamity on the sidewalks, they become enthralled by any human being who pays them a passing glance.

So it was with Pacho, so he wasn’t paying in the same currency, writes androdass.com

The dog is just about a year old.

Pacho happily left the kennel in Puglia (Italy), where he had been living for the past few months, after a family wanted to adopt him.

Everyone on the scene shared the fuzzy one’s joy, as finding a home was almost a dream come true for him. When the dog was refused again, the tale turned into a nightmare.

Pacho was returning to the pound just three days after being adopted.

They returned the beast to the cage where they had sworn to find it a sanctuary, as if it were a doll.

The puppy had no idea what had happened, and the whole situation had left him discouraged and depressed.

Pacho has avoided eating as a result of his disappointment: before this traumatic experience, he weighed 23 kilos, and now he weights 20. In only a few hours, the unfortunate animal lost ten pounds.

These people may have been unsure about the adoption and did not want to harm him, but they are unaware of the tragic consequences that they have on this pet’s life.

Pacho doesn’t explain why they didn’t go looking for him again, or why he’s staying there now.

Pacho’s story exemplifies human selfishness; no animal should be abandoned; please share this case and help us raise awareness. Adopt only when you are totally certain!

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