Guy sells his car to save the life of his dog

When this pet owner discovered he had to pick between his dog and his automobile, the decision was obvious since true love knows no boundaries.

Gemini the dog’s owner, Randy Etter, initially noticed that something wasn’t right when the dog started acting drowsy and followed him around.

But, when Gemini started vomiting, Etter started to worry about his dog’s survival.

Gemini was taken to the doctor by Etter, but the veterinarian was unable to determine what was wrong.

The veterinarian was unable to diagnose Gemini’s condition, but Etter wasn’t about to give up. He would go to any lengths for Gemini, who was his best friend, to receive assistance.

Etter lost his job as a result of his obsessive search for a vet who could cure Gemini because he was so determined to find one.

Nobody appeared to be able to explain to Etter what was wrong with his adorable pet after several visits to veterinarians.

“I simply felt like I wasn’t going to make any progress or get him the assistance he required in time. It was genuinely among the scariest situations I had to face. Telling the Dodo, Etter.

But eventually it was found that Gemini’s suffering was due to a little item that was stuck in his intestines.

The infant daughter of Etter’s partner had amused the dog by throwing her bottle to him.

The bottle had always been swiftly removed by Etter whenever the infant threw it to the dog, but at some time, Gemini had evidently gained access to it without Etter’s knowledge and had ingested some of the bottle’s top.

Gemini had surgery as a result of the obstruction that the bottle fragment had now caused.

The cost of the procedure was $4,500, significantly more than Etter had at the time.

Etter, though, wasn’t going to let his closest buddy pass away. Etter wrote a moving message on Facebook in which he described his predicament and listed his automobile for sale.

He hoped that someone would be willing to buy his puppy since he would be able to save it with the cash from the sale of his automobile.

Yet, Etter was spared from having to sell his automobile as a result of a lovely act of compassion.

Etters’ buddy first intervened and offered to lend him $2,000.00. The S.O.A.R Initiative, whose mission is to “secure the human-animal link and provide access to veterinary care & human assistance for people who are often underserved,” then assisted in raising $3,000 for Gemini’s operation.

Gemini underwent surgery successfully and was soon in his pet-warm dad’s arms again.

Etter didn’t lose the dog he loves so much because of the goodwill and generosity of everyone who gave money to aid Gemini; their lives were preserved.

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