Gussie, 105, and her family dance wildly as they celebrate her birthday.

Living through your 100th birthday is a milestone that not many people reach. Ms. Gussie wants to ensure that she fully enjoys the occasion because of this.

Taylor, Gussie Despite being 105 years old, Dennis still has a good recall. She remembers working on a farm in her youth near Greenville, South Carolina, where she was raised.

She remembers picking cotton at the farm and riding a two-horse cart to church when she was younger. Her life had a significant role in the church. She ultimately joined the women’s league at her church and later rose to the position of prayer leader.

Undoubtedly, the 105-year-old has lived a very full life. She still has many family members that are overjoyed to be able to celebrate her. Her three daughters, three grandsons, and several great-grandchildren joined Gussie’s birthday celebration.

Her “baby sister,” who is 97 years old, joined in the celebrations for her sister’s significant birthday. It seems that living a long life runs in the family!

Gussie was in a terrific mood when her family gathered to celebrate. She made sure to dance to the music while everyone sung “Happy Birthday” to her. Her family members joined in, showing that she still has life in her!

When asked what she was most anticipating, she responded that she was most looking forward to her birthday cake and whatever else the family will be serving for dinner.

The 105-year-old lady certainly has a sweet appetite since she joked about slipping back downstairs to devour more cake after everyone had left.

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