Goose Saves Stray Puppy From Very Cold Weather With Its Wings

When people don’t help the animals in need it is the turn of animals to do so. The goose of the out story has the biggest heart ever.

When people see helpless animals in the street their hearts melt and the animal’s eyes beg to pick them up. But when people don’t pay much attention to it. The little puppy seemed to be abandoned by his canine mother and now was shivering on the streets.

But a kind-hearted and extremely caring goose couldn’t close her eyes on the little puppy. She not only approached him but also hugged the pup and used her beak to calm the puppy.

The puppy fell asleep in the warm feathers of the goose and their photos went viral. People were touched to see such a heart-taking moment of two extra various animals loving each other so much.

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