The Poor Giraffe With Tire Stuck Around Her Neck Finally Found Her Saviors

When the poor giraffe was noticed with an unwanted necklace on her neck the help was not awaited. It was obvious that the tire caused lacerations. But a team of kind veterinarians did their best to help the animal.

After successfully sedating the poor creature, the team worked expertly and efficiently to remove the unwanted necklace.

But here the dedicated work of the wildlife stewards wasn’t finished as when animals wake up after sedatives they behave very unsteadily and can hurt themselves. It was even harder for the giraffes who had long necks and could hardly move.

As the giraffe awoke, the team restrained the animal a little longer, risking their safety to protect the giant animal. After applying a spray on the places where the lacerations were the worst the kind people released the giraffe. The dedicated work of this team showed how people can change everything around us for the better and brighter.

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