Former Jail Is Now An Animal Shelter Where Prisoners Look After Rescued Animals

An Arizona prison is working together with a local animal shelter to provide rehabilitation for neglected animals and inmates. A small team of women prisoners in Phoenix, Arizona work with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Animal Safety Unit (MASH). 

It is a great opportunity not only for the dogs who moved from awful conditions to the shelter but also for the inmates who can spend their time with wonderful animals.

Since 2000, the shelter’s provided a place where dogs, cats, horses, and other animals can be cared for until they’re ready to move to a permanent home.

6 days a week the women from jail moved to an animal shelter in a former men’s jail. There many cells have been converted into mini rooms for the dogs. The cells had various funny names like Bow Wow Way, Purr Lane, 2nd Chance and Ruff Road.

This was a great therapethic idea both for inmates and animals.

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