For the first time ever, a woman takes 18 crippled dogs to the beach.

Dogs are among the finest species of animal. For our canine pals, even the most routine activities—like going for a walk or seeing their parents return from work—can create complete joy.

The majority of dogs would concur that exploring nature is the most fun activity there is, yet some dogs find it more challenging than others.

Canines with disabilities have trouble navigating terrain that typical dogs can do without thinking.
Doggy wheelchairs should not be used in rocky terrain, areas with a lot of dense foliage, or near water.

Beaches, with their miles of sand and sea, can also be beyond limits, which is unfortunate because most dogs adore the beach.

You know that inexplicable joy you experience at the beach? Dogs also experience that, albeit ten times more intensely.

Salima Kadaoui was committed to ensuring that her 18 challenged canines could enjoy the beach in the same way as other dogs.
In Tangiers, Morocco, Salima started SFT Animal Sanctuary. Many of the dogs she adopts were injured by cars and abandoned, leaving them with permanent injuries.

Fortunately, Salima rarely gives in to her dogs because she understands that as long as they can adjust to a new way of life, they may still live life to the fullest.

When she took some of her dogs on a day trip on July 4, she demonstrated the effectiveness of rehabilitation.
The dogs raced beside Salima from one end of the beach to the other while only having their front legs functional.

Imagine being at peace by the water, hearing a disturbance, and then looking up to see 18 dogs racing in wheelchairs along the sand.

It’s adorable to see the video.
From a small corgi to a big german shepherd, there are dogs of all sizes on the beach. The doggie wheelchair’s importance as a life-saving innovation is shocking to realize.

These dogs’ inability to utilize their back legs is irrelevant because, with their wheels in place, they can move as quickly as their non-disabled companions.

Even a little amount of cheekiness has its place!
Salima’s shoe is once taken by a corgi, who shakes it around in her mouth before returning it to the rightful owner.

The wheel of a friend’s wheelchair can be seen in the mouth of one naughty dog in another video showing the dogs racing down the beach, but they’re still moving at top speed.

This group clearly seems to enjoy itself, and it’s wonderful that Salima has been able to provide these puppies with the life they so richly deserve.

These dogs don’t feel sorry for themselves, that much is certain.

They can impart some life lessons to us humans. How many people, including those without impairments, constantly compare themselves to others and find themselves yearning for things they lack?

We ought to be more like these dogs, appreciating what we already have without even thinking about what we lack.

A little under 50,000 people have watched the video of Salima and her puppies.

Salima described her rescue effort in an interview with Story Trender, saying:

Dogs, cats, donkeys, and monkeys are among the Sanctuary’s over 600 total residents.

Wow, she must have a lot on her plate! However, what a fulfilling job it must be.

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