Fisherman catches a kitten swimming in the river then spots it’s twin

Every fisherman has a story to tell. Sometimes those stories sound amazing, while others simply sound like they’re made-up.

If a fisherman told you they’d gone fishing and returned with two kittens instead of fish, you’d probably think it’s a crazy story they’ve made up, right?

Well, in this case, the fishermen not only have a crazy story to narrate, but they also have proof for what they say.

You see, Jason Frost, who lives in Hueytown, and his friend Brandon Key went on a fishing trip in Warrior River, when they suddenly heard meowing.

They first heard a splash, and then something that sounded like someone was swimming. The meows came last, but the two fishermen were completely shocked.

“You’re not gonna believe what is swimming towards our boat,” Frost told the camera, as they were recording their unusual encounter.

Moments later, the man turns around the camera, and we can see a kitten swimming towards their boat.

Indeed, a tiny kitten was able to swim, and it was quickly approaching their fishing boat.

“Never in my life,” exclaimed the fisherman.

When the kitten made it to the boat, Frost caught it by the nape of the neck and set it aboard. The men were shocked because they had no idea such kitties could actually swim like that.

But then, an even bigger surprise appeared.

It was a second kitten that was swimming to get to their boat.

Them men waited for that animal, too, and they helped it get on board as well.

As they figured out, they were “twins”. Indeed, the two orange tabby cats were identical. They were also very young- maybe a few months old- but they still knew what they needed to do to survive.

As Frost said, it was highly improbable that the two kittens had just got loose from a house nearby, because there were simply no homes close to where they were fishing.

They believe that the kittens wouldn’t have dived into the river unless they were desperate, so they concluded that someone must have dumped them in the water to get rid of them.

Luckily, the two men were close by and managed to rescue them.

After saving the kittens, the men made it to the shore, where they came across a family. The couple had two children, each of whom wanted a kitten, so they ended up giving the kitten to that family.

What a lucky duo. First getting saved from being dumped in the river, and only a while later finding a forever home.

This must have been the kittens’ lucky day for sure!

The video that has been uploaded on YouTube has gone viral with more than 6 million views, and people have just loved the story!

“If this was fishing, I would fish everyday,” someone wrote.

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