Faithful Puppy Gets Into The Ambulance To Follow His Father To The Hospital

Anderson Bahi was driving his car late at night when he observed a highly touching incident that he will never forget. A devoted puppy hopped into an ambulance to follow his owner to the hospital, and the guy experienced a picture of pure love.

The dog’s father, it appears, became unwell immediately after taking his pet for a stroll. When first responders arrived to bring the guy to the hospital, the dog hopped into the ambulance without hesitation.

According to Anderson, who spoke to The Dodo,

“I was driving past when I noticed an ambulance stopped on the opposite side of the road.”


Even if he could only observe the situation from distance, something was clear. The companion animal was devoted to his person and would not forsake him under any circumstances.

Anderson continued, ”

“There’s something unique about the affection this small dog has for his owner. “A devoted love.”

The rescuers were also aware of the animal’s attitude to its person and were not unconcerned. They unlocked the doors for him to enter and join his father before departing on the trip to the hospital.

But the story does not end there; the puppy stayed loyal to his beloved, and as soon as they entered the hospital to treat the man, the animal remained immobile on the outside of the facility, eagerly awaiting his father’s return.

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